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Adcal Labels becomes first customer to use
Lintec Graphic Films’ non-PVC dry-apply film

Label and sticker specialist Adcal Labels has become the first customer to use Lintec Graphic Films’ dry-apply repositionable ‘RePop’ film. The Wycombe-based company will use the highly durable, eco-friendly and flexible substrate to produce self-apply promotional window applications for its customers.

Founded in 1977, Adcal Labels produces a wide and varied range of high quality label and sticker applications for a number of industries, from promotional labels and window stickers for the retail market to security and electronic applications for OEMs. The company uses both screen and digital production lines, and was looking for a durable self-adhesive film that could be digitally printed for cost-effective production of small window film applications – such as ‘payment accepted’ displays in shop windows and association logos for their members’ properties.

“Our customers in the promotional window market expect product quality and consistency, but also for orders to be turned around quickly,” explains Michael O’Connor, Managing Director, Adcal Labels. “These applications, often ordered in small batches, are best suited to the capabilities of digital print. However in our experience some self-adhesive films, especially self-clings are often uneven and difficult to print on via digital technology. This consequently affects the application’s life span as it begins to peel or deteriorate after only a couple of months. This hampers the end-user’s capability to refresh or adjust displays.”

The company approached Lintec Graphic Films, who has always been the specialist’s “go-to” supplier for any challenging solutions. O’Connor comments: “Lintec Graphic Films is always prepared to run lab tests for us to identify the right technology to make sure it’s exactly what we need. We were confident they would supply the right solution.”

Lintec Graphic Films recommended RePop, a lightweight non-PVC dry adhesive 50-micron polyester film that was designed to replace the traditional ‘cling’ PVC film. Ideal for reactive promotional campaigns in the Point-of-Sale (POS) and retail markets, RePop removes the need for professional installation or removal, all the while retaining the high print quality, durability and green credentials that Lintec Graphic Films is renowned for. It also possesses superior dimensional stability, so it doesn’t shrink or curl as a result of external elements such as heat from the sun.

“Because of RePop’s paper release liner, we can use it on both our screen and digital machines, depending on the job,” says O’Connor. “It is also incredibly durable. Such is the quality of the adhesion, it can be repositioned infinitely and can stay up for as long as required without any visual or physical erosion. As the film is non-PVC, it is environmentally friendly, which is increasingly important for both our business and that of our customers. We have already taken a number of orders and believe the solution will be a popular addition to our product offering.”

Andy Voss, Managing Director, Lintec Graphic Films, adds: “We have known Adcal Labels for a long time, and understand what they look for in a label or film product. The polyester-based RePop is the perfect film solution for the company and its promotional applications. It’s a product that we’re very excited about, and we’re delighted that Adcal Labels is the first company to benefit from its capabilities.”

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