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John Lewis buys into E-2200ZC benefits

A combination of exceptional optical clarity, ease of installation and impressive environmental credentials has prompted John Lewis to specify Lintec’s E-2200ZC UV films for new graphics at the Womens’ Fashion Advice Suite in five branches, including Peter Jones, Brent Cross and Bluewater. The other locations are at Cheadle and Welwyn Garden City.

UV-printed with a subtle chain-link pattern, the graphics enhance half-width floor-to-ceiling glass screens at the entrances to the Womens’ Fashion Advice Suite at each branch. A spokesperson for John Lewis said: “E-2200ZC’s near-perfect optical clarity makes it the ideal vehicle for the high standard of graphics we demand, while the film’s high scratch-resistance means there’s no compromise on the graphics’ longevity. And because E-2200ZC is a non-PVC film, it conforms to our environmental guidelines.”

Andy Voss, Managing Director at Lintec Graphic Films, comments: “E-2200ZC has the edge over competitive products because it has been specifically developed for the task – it isn’t a rebranded security film, for example. This hard-coated product delivers significant benefits, including reduced film thickness and superior ink adhesion. The combination of its optimum glass-like clarity, as well as scratch resistance to prevent haze from cleaning gives designers enormous scope for transforming glazed environments.”

The Glazing Enhancement range includes films to comply with a range of performance requirements in flat-glass applications, from short-term point-of-sale to long-term architectural applications.

The graphics were printed and installed by specialist supplier Window Film Solutions (WFS), Chesham.


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