glazing enhancement

Armani Exchange uses Lumisty® view control film
to turn heads

BAF Graphics wanted to draw pedestrians’ attention to a one-day shop window promotion in Armani Exchange UK retail outlets, featuring live models.

Using Lumisty® view control film as a window screen BAF Graphics were able to screen the underwear clad models until shoppers were at right angles to them, thus delivering real visual impact. The film changes from transparent to translucent according to the viewing angle; easily installed and removed it was the ideal choice for this eye-catching one-day promotion.

“Lumisty® view control film’s ability to create invisible viewing angles, works perfectly for grabbing peoples’ attention and training their focus towards a product or promotional display" Antony Baglioni, Business Development Manager at BAF Graphics Ltd.

We regret to inform you Lumisty® production ceased in March 2014 and is therefore no longer available.


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