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Lintec Graphic Films and Lintec Corporation share a commitment to environmental principles. Lintec Corporation strives to contribute to sustainability by applying its own standards, above and beyond those of mere compliance. Lintec Corporation actively pursues the development of environmentally friendly products, including fully repulpable pressure-sensitive adhesive films, use of recycled materials in the manufacturing process and innovative solutions such as water-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesive papers.

We echo and support these standards, collaborating closely in developing and promoting environmentally friendly products. This includes a non-PVC solvent and UV inkjet printable film range that offers an environmentally friendly option at all grades.

Lintec was also recently awarded ‘The Award for Sustainability’ at Labelexpo Europe 2015 for the new Kinath KP5000 film, which uses the world’s highest percentage of recycled PET pellets (80%) made from used PET bottles. The pellets are produced by a mechanical recycling process leading to a CO² emission reduction of 24% over the whole production process.

Our recent move in late 2015 to a larger premises founded on environmental principles. The new building incorporates a larger workspace with a more comfortable and energy efficient working environment. The building was designed to allow large levels of natural light into the work areas. All lighting in the building is LED and activity enabled. The ventilation system allows fresh air flow and all heating and cooling is done by a modern super-efficient air conditioning system.

As a company, we take responsibility for our actions, continually reviewing our policies and seeking to improve our performance. As an ISO14001 certified organisation we consider the environment to be integral to all our business activities, and we are keen to contribute towards a sustainable society.

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